Threat made against Minnesota CAIR’s Executive Director

“I could tell they were behaving much more different than usual.”

Edgar Linares
October 08, 2018 - 8:10 pm

Courtesy of MN CAIR


Minnesota's Council on American Islamic Relations has stepped up security after a threat was made against their executive director, Jaylani Hussein.

On Saturday, CAIR held a public event at the Minnesota History Center called "Understanding Islam", a group known to CAIR for routinely trying to disrupt their events and promoting anti-Muslim views attended the event, according Hussein.

“I could tell they were behaving much more different than usual,” said Hussein. “They got in my face a couple of times.”

Shortly after the event a tweet from one of the people in attendance according to Hussein read:

“@Jaylanihussein I have one question for you how is the word Smooth a Racist Term. You failed your @cair trust me you are my mission. I will take you down. You are done I am pretty sure they will make it look like an accident. Again how is the word smooth Racist?”

The tweet was later removed from the person’s account, which posted a similar message late Monday night.

Hussein says he gets threats all the time, but this one was concerning.

“For someone to say that and be in close proximity to you the day before it’s definitely is an escalation,” said Hussein.

Hussein reached out to the Minneapolis Federal Bureau of Investigation and says increased security measures have been increased around him and his office.