Top Five Travel with Henry Lake: Direct from MSP

Check out these five travel destinations that are just a single flight away from the Twin Cities

Henry Lake
July 11, 2019 - 12:03 am
Top Five Travel

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We all want to travel more and we all have our excuses for not making it happen. For some it’s budget or too many commitments at home, but for others it’s the amount of time needed to get to a far-off destination that keeps us grounded. It’s true that many vacation hot spots mean hours of driving or multiple flights but there are plenty of destinations that are just a single flight away from the Twin Cities. The Ireland-based Aer Lingus flew their first nonstop flight between Minneapolis and Dublin early this month cueing us to look at the top five nonstop destinations from Minneapolis.



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Most itineraries to Asian destinations come with a three-leg trip, adding up to a 24+ hour total travel time. If you want to get to Asia without that sort of time commitment, consider Delta’s nonstop service to Tokyo. It’s still a long haul at twelve hours, but you can get a true “other side of the world” experience, including: sushi, Mount Fuji and the world famous fish market, without losing a couple of days en route.



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For those wanting to explore the US, Alaska is one of the toughest places to check off the list. Driving would take well over 48 hours from Minnesota and a cruise from the west coast will set you back a pretty penny. However, Delta does offer a nonstop flight from Minneapolis to Anchorage. This means you can be in Alaska in under 6 hours. Once you arrive, you can rent a car and check out Denali National Park, do some whale watching and hike a glacier.



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It’s no secret that Iceland is a growing tourist destination. This truly unique island offers a huge variety of stunning natural treasures. Iceland Air offers nonstop service from Minneapolis to Reykjavik and this service is actually the least expensive option on this route, which is typically not the case for international flights from a midsize market like the Twins Cities. The other appeal here is that Iceland Air lets you schedule stopovers in Iceland with no additional cost, meaning you can add a free weekend on this wild island during your next trip to Europe.


San Juan Puerto Rico

San Juan
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Minnesotans love escaping the long winter for a shot of Caribbean warmth, and Sun Country Airlines offers seasonal nonstop service to several popular destinations including San Juan, Puerto Rico. Flying direct can save you hours and makes a long weekend worth it for travelers who are short on time. Plus, once you get to Puerto Rico, rental cars are cheap, infrastructure is good, and you can beach hop across the island with ease.


Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park
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When most explorers think of going to Glacier National Park, we think of loading up for a long road trip, but just 30 minutes from the iconic park sits Glacier Park International Airport. This is another Delta flight and it will take you just 3 hours to arrive on one of these nonstop flights to northern Montana. From there rent a car and enjoy one of the most dramatic landscapes in the county without having to take the nearly twenty-hour drive from Minnesota.

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