Listen to President Trump's speech urging for a border wall after deal reached to end shutdown 

He made the case for a border wall — again.

WCCO Radio Newsroom
January 25, 2019 - 2:15 pm

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President Donald Trump spoke after a deal was reached to reopen the government for three weeks while negotiations over funding for a border wall and other issues continue.

He made a case for a wall or "steal barrier, " between the United States and Mexico, saying it would protect the country from illegal immigration, crime and drugs. 

He said that if Congress does not fund the wall by the time the three week period is over on Feb. 15, either the government will shut down again or he will use the "the powers afforded," to him by the constituion to get it built, alluding to his reported plan to declare a national emergency. 

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About 800,000 federal workers have had to work without pay or been furloughed during the impasse. Trump promised that they would receive back pay as soon as possible. 

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