Twin Cities teenager heads to NYC to speak before United Nations

"I'm super blessed to share my story."

Susie Jones
August 09, 2018 - 1:55 pm

Some people spend their entire lives trying to find their calling in life.   But not 15-year-old Amelia Sawalich of Eden Prairie.  She knows she wants to give people across the world the gift of hearing. "You give them a whole new meaning in life."  

She volunteers with the Starkey Foundation and has already traveled to 15 different countries this year on hearing missions to help fit people with hearing aids.  In fact, she is just back from China. "Living your life without hearing is so hard, so giving them a chance to hear things we take for granted is just amazing."

This weekend, in celebration of International Youth Day, Amelia will be traveling to New York where she’s been invited to speak on a panel with other youth philanthropists at the United Nations.   "I'm not really too nervous just because I'm talking about what I love to do, and it's a passion of mine and when I'm sharing I don't really get too nervous," she said.

She hopes the trip will inspire other young people to get involved. " There are so many things to do to help.  You can go volunteer at a soup kitchen. Anything you do not only impacts the person, but you as well."

Amelia's mother Stacy is proud of daughter, to say the least."I'm just proud to be able to have raised someone who cares about other people the way she does."

The family lives in a beautiful home in Eden Prairie.  Stacy says they've always tried to instill a sense of purpose and responsibility in their children. "When you are given a lot you have a huge responsibility to give back. Not just take," she said.

And Amelia has learned that lesson well.  "I'm super blessed to share my story, the Starkey story and I'm excited for more."