Twins Caravan - Where prom proposals happen?

Twins play-by-play voice Cory Provus says a Pipestone HS student asked reliever Trevor Hildenberger to prom

Paul and Jordana
January 15, 2019 - 5:17 pm

USA Today


Cory Provus is the Radio Voice of the Twins and is part of the Twins Winter Caravan that’s visiting sites all across Twins Territory. He told Jordana Green that their recent stop at a high school produced an unexpected proposal.

“We are just wrapping a stop in Pipestone, at Pipestone High School,” Provus said, “where one Trevor Hildenberger was politely asked to go to prom.”

It was clearly a planned out idea.

“This young lady named Riley took a lot of courage,” said Provus, “She had this really fancy sign that she made and she asked Trevor Hildenberger to prom.”

The trouble is that prom season and baseball season often conflict.

“He was excited. He said his fiancée would probably be cool with it,” Provus told Jordana, “It’s for the kids. It’s just too bad that the prom just goes hand in hand with the baseball calendar.”

The reactions of students are one of the reasons Provus really enjoys the school stops on the Caravan.

“That’s the best part, and the school visits kind of bring that out,” said Provus, “They don’t want to talk too much about stats and about wins and losses. They want to know about them as people. “

Hear the entire interview with Jordana Green:




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