Twins' Derek Falvey talks about trade possibilities for the team

"You never have enough starting pitching depth" 

Sports To The Max with Mike Max
July 02, 2019 - 8:52 am



Monday night, Interlachen Country Club hosted "Taste For the Tour", an event designed around food by Taste of the NFL creator Wayne Kostroski. WCCO's Mike Max broadcast his show, Sports to the Max, live from Interlachen and spent some time with Twins' Chief Baseball Officer Derek Falvey.

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The conversation went in a number of directions, including the sudden death of Angels Pitcher Tyler Skaggs, the lack of All-Star representation for the Twins, and how active the team is in trade talks.  

Mike asked Falvey if the team is getting trade requests. "I think that what you look at over the last few years, there's a lot of talk that happens in June. But there isn't much activity.  One to two trades", said Falvey.  "You flip the calendar to July, you close in on the All-Star break, and teams are really taking stock of where their club is.  That's the time when decisions have to get made whether you're in or you're out."

Falvey also thinks the Twins are in a great position to improve.  "Fortunately, we're in a good position right now and we hope to continue to be. Those calls will pick up.  So far it's been more exploratory with other clubs, with other GM's, what they're thinking with their clubs.  But we know for us, with our position player club, we think we're deep.  We've had some guys step up for us.  On the pitching side, we've had some step-up performances too. We could continue to add, potentially in that space.  We know we're going to have to deal with some injuries.  We know we're going to have some challenges. Every team does.  We just have to be prepared for that."

When Falvey was asked about adding pitchers, he didn't hesitate to say the Twins are looking.  "No, everyone says starting pitching depth.  That phrase, I don't think it's a real thing.  You never have enough starting pitching depth.  So anytime you can continue to add arms to the stable to give you a chance later in the season, you're better off."

The conversation also included Third Baseman Miguel Sanó.  Since coming back from a heel injury that kept him out of Spring Training and the early part of the season, he's been an enigma for the Twins.  His low average and high strikeout rate continue to frustrate fans.  But his immense talent also has been shown, especially in Chicago over the weeken where Sanó hit 3 home runs.  He has 12 home runs out of just 27 total hits so far this season.    

Falvey explained how they evaluate a player like Sanó.  "I get it.  I'm sitting there watching it and sometimes it feels like he's getting a little beat up. You see the swing and misses, and it's tough. But I think he's a guy that has immense talent and ability.  He continues to work at it.  What I'm focused on is, what are James Rowson (Twins'  Hitting Coach) and Rocco Baldelli (Twins' Manager) telling us about what he's doing to work at it.  How he's going about it.  Being around Miguel, trying to see it, being around the conversations with his agent and representatives, seeing what he needs to adjust.  We saw signs of that, against Kansas City and again in Chicago, he's hit the ball well.  He's going to have some ups and downs.  He's going to have some swing and miss.  That's his game.  He's a strikeout player.  But, not many guys hit the ball harder.  Maybe Nelson Cruz."

You can listen to all of Mike Max's broadcast from Interlachen, with special guests like Joe Mauer, Tim Herron, Falvey, Viking GM Rick Spielman, Wayne Kostroski, Andrew Zimmern, Kent Hrbek, and Ron and Laura Schara, by clicking here!

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