Twins Manager Rocco Baldelli wants to focus on players, not just data

"They know that they have the ability to not just be good players but be great players."

Hey, it's Cory Hepola
January 21, 2019 - 12:10 pm

Anna Pollock / WCCO Radio


The Twins new manager Rocco Baldelli may come from an franchise that is known for a pioneering data-driven approach to the game, but the formers Tampa Bay Rays player and coach doesn’t want that to define his time in Minnesota.

“I don't like talking about numbers. I'd rather talk about these guys next to me right here,” Baldelli told WCCO Radio’s Cory Hepola as he sat next to Twins players Eddie Rosario and Jose Berrios. “Because these are the guys that are going out in the field with the talent and the ability and with the connection to the fans. And these are the guys that are going to do it for all of us.”

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Baldelli, who was in the Cambria Gallery on the ground floor of the WCCO Radio building as part of the Twins Caravan, went on to say that he doesn’t like to simply show players pieces of paper with raw data.

“I don't think that helps. Most of the time you really want to look at something that might make sense,” he explained. “Maybe it's a new way of thinking about something and then you can talk about it and if there's common ground on both sides between the staff or the front office and, and what the players think, then we go from there. But, truthfully, it's, it's those conversations that matter most.”

Baldelli sounded an optimistic note about the Twin’s roster and their chances for next season. “They know that they have the ability to not just be good players but be great players and be a playoff caliber team,” he said.

Listen to his full conversation with Cory Hepola here:

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