Twins seek to help keep Byron Buxton on the field and out of the trainer's room

"I think that's something we owe Byron" Twins CBO Derek Falvey tells Chad Hartman

Dan Cook
August 08, 2019 - 8:47 pm
Twins Center Fielder

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Monday on The Chad Hartman Show, Twins Play-by-Play voice Cory Provus said that OF Byron Buxton was the most critical player to the Twins success. What he brings to the plate and certainly what he brings in the field played a big factor in Minnesota’s early-season success, and will be a key factor in the Twins playoff push.

Thursday, Chad was joined by Twins Chief Baseball Officer, Derek Falvey and among the topics they discussed was Byron’s latest trip to the Injured List and whether Byron needs to alter his style of play in order to stay on the field and out of the trainers room.

“You phrased it ‘is it easier said than done to change’ and I think that’s true for sure,” Falvey said, “I think when you see a player of Byron’s caliber out in the field and what he does defensively, part of the reason he’s as good as he is is because of how aggressive he is. And I think that’s a hard thing in a player to change. Now, every player matures over time, as a defender, as an offensive player. So you would just expect that from an outfielder; that he’ll get a better sense of when is the right time to get extended versus maybe bracing a little bit more for the wall.”

But the Twins head of baseball operations said the onus isn’t entirely on Buxton.

“I think that’s something we owe Byron, to continue to help him with,” said Falvey, “You have guys like Torii Hunter that work for us, Rocco Baldelli has been a long time Major League outfielder, our coaches, our staff - everyone around him who can help him continue to develop in that way. And that’s our focus.”

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Asked about Buxtons current status with his shoulder injury, Falvey sounded a cautious note.

“I think we need to just take this really week-to-week,” Falvey said, “When you have a subluxation of the shoulder, it’s essentially something that you need to see how a player responds. There’s not a clear-cut path as to what happens going forward. Some respond a little more quickly than others, depending on the extent of the injury. So far he feels good. His range of motion is good. He’s starting to do some exercises that start to feel good. So at minimum we’ve said all along 3 to 4 weeks of time away from the game here and then we’ll have a much better sense as we get into the middle of August.”

Take a listen to Chad Hartman’s entire interview with Twins CBO Derek Falvey here:



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