Twins Update: When will Buxton, Sano, Santana and May be back?

As the Twins hit the second half of the season, some help could be coming

The WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee
July 19, 2018 - 4:31 pm

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Twins Chief Baseball Officer of the Twins Derek Falvey joined Dave Lee Thursday morning on WCCO, and he had an update on four key players who have been missing.  

Falvey told Dave that injured pitcher Ervin Santana is getting close to returning to the team.  "He's going to start again Friday in Rochester. As we've said all along we wanted to make sure that he's fully healthy and ready to compete when he gets back to the Big Leagues. And his last start going five innings and getting himself almost what would have been a full normal major league start it was great. Now he's got a chance to build off of that one more time and we're going to make a decision after that."

Pitcher Trevor May is also getting close.  Falvey said, "You know certainly after the Tommy John surgery, you want to be careful about the return. We slowed him down a little bit just early on with a little bit of soreness and then made sure that he's now back on track. I think we're seeing his velocity pick up and we're seeing a little bit more."

Meanwhile, two Twins have been up and down this year.  Both Byron Buxton and Miguel Sano have played, but sparingly so far in 2018.  Neither has performed up to expectations.

"Byron's gone through some ups and downs here," said Falvey.  "There's no doubt about it. He works so hard and I think during the course of the last week or so he developed some sort of soreness in his wrist. And so we wanted to make sure that we checked into that and that it wasn't something that we thought would persist for the long term and we don't feel that way."

Finally, regarding Sano, who was sent to the minors after struggling with strikeouts, Falvey says he is doing some great work down at Fort Myers.  "We feel like he continues to improve his overall holistic plan to his development. He did have to deal with a personal issue down in the Dominican and we made sure that we let that happen. He's now tracked back to the United States here today and continuing back on this path toward the major leagues. He's done great work . He's invested in the plan. But we want to make sure." 

"When Byron and Ervin and others come back to the big leagues they could impact us," added Falvey.