U President Eric Kaler outlines funding request to Legislature

Kaler calls request "restrained, reasonable and forward-looking"

Laura Oakes
January 09, 2019 - 2:11 pm

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University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler says his funding request to the Legislature this year is restrained, reasonable, and "forward-looking."

Kaler outlined his proposal for a 6.7 percent percent increase in state funding over the biennium, amounting to 30-million for the 2019-2020 school year, and 27-million the year after that. Kaler says the state dollars would help fund pay raises, research equipment, and would help keep tuition increases as low as possible.

"We will minimize them to the greatest degree we can. But we live in an environment in which we have inflationary pressures and we have needs to make investments. So, we need to increase our top line revenue which either comes from the State of Minnesota or from tuition," Kaler told reporters at the capitol.

In a separate request, Kaler says they're asking for another 200 million for capital improvements.

"We have billions of dollars of backlogged maintainence at the University of Minnesota. We have 29 million square feet of space, and not all of it is in great condition," Kaler said.

That capital request also includes 32-million for building renovations on the Twin Cities and Duluth campuses.