Walz discusses redistricting, Johnson

The DFL candidate tells WCCO there's a mutual respect with his Republican opponent

Sloane Martin
August 16, 2018 - 8:27 am

. (Photo by Glen Stubbe/Minneapolis Star Tribune/TNS/Sipa USA)


The next governor of Minnesota will play a major role in redrawing congressional and legislative districts following the 2020 census.

DFL candidate for governor Rep. Tim Walz says leading the effort is a huge responsibility because the integrity of the lines is "absolutely critical to the functioning of our democracy."

He tells Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News that gerrymandered districts "disincentivize people believing they have a say."

"Minnesota has a long history of fighting this out but eventually getting it right," he said. "I will encourage us to make sure that we are doing nonpartisan citizen or judicial redistricting so we can get that right. I think that will be a legacy piece that if we can get that right, I'll be very proud of."

After a decades-long battle, the U.S. Supreme Court in June did not issue a decision on the legality of partisan gerrymandering, leaving the question open to future cases.

Walz agreed with what his Republican opponent Jeff Johnson told WCCO yesterday that he doesn't foresee a lot of "mudslinging" in the campaign.
However, Walz said the two have very different visions for the state.

"I respect Jeff," he said. "I think he's articulating an opinion and a world view. I think Minnesotans will reject it, but it's not personal. We do get along and I think Minnesotans expect that. I hope that's the case. You know, it's always hard to tell. The outside groups run the ads and things like that, but my expectation would be that there's a mutual respect between Jeff and myself and people will see that and that seems very Minnesotan to me."

Walz says Johnson's vision is one that embraces President Trump's "divisiveness."