WCCO TV's Heather Brown knows how to ask Good Questions

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Real Leaders with Roshini
July 10, 2019 - 8:52 pm

When Heather Brown wakes up each morning, it's a gift if she can get in a run to the lake before her day begins.

The WCCO TV MidMorning co-host and Good Question reporter is a busy wife and mom of three on top of her day job. "There's always chatter," she said on the Real Leaders with Roshini Podcast. "Silence and peace" are what she craves with her favorite way to unwind--reading a book. Her favorite books of 2019 to date are Where the Crawdads Sing and Educated.

Brown learned, sometimes the hard way, that saying no is often the best thing she can do for herself and her family. Her advice to others: You "don't have to give a reason for why" you're saying no. 

That can even mean to her two daughters and bonus son. But often, saying no means she and her husband are healthier for themselves, each other, and their entire family. Brown takes pride in her role as part of a blended family that includes her husband, his ex-wife, and three kids. Brown shares how they've all worked at making their special family roll smoothly and lovingly. Her advice for keeping your spouse a priority? "Take time for each other. Connect each day. Then take longer chunks of time each week." When Roshini asked her how she and her hubby keep it sexy, she chuckled and shared how sometimes you just have to go out of town.

As for her official duties on WCCO TV, she credits colleagues Jason DeRusha and Matt Brickman for making her first year as co-host of MidMorning a learning experience and so fulfilling. Now more than six years as the Good Question reporter, she admits there are questions that can get a little sticky. Like when someone asked why baseball players spit. Brown went the extra mile and learned how to spit from Minnesota Twins Justin Morneau before he left the team. Yes, with real sunflower seeds and all.

Hear the entire story, and more, from Heather Brown on the Real Leaders with Roshini Podcast

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