Businesses remain vigilant in the days after civil unrest

Mark Freie
June 04, 2020 - 3:56 pm

    Shauen Pearce, the Minneapolis Economic Development & Inclusion Policy Director along with business leaders and DLF legislators discussed the threat of domestic terrorism near Lake St. in South Minneapolis today.

    “The buildings aren’t on fire today but this is not over,” Pearce said, “if you go throughout our city, and I mean this when I say Lake St., Broadway, Hennepin, Lyndale, when you look at our city, it’s boarded up because it’s still not safe.” 

    Pearce has been in contact with several people throughout the community who have seen suspicious cars without plates or out of state plates. She has had mothers contact her saying that their back doors are being pulled in and has even had trouble in her own neighborhood. 

    “People have been followed, I have been followed, my building has been shot at,” Pearce said. 

    There also continues to be outside groups that are working with law enforcement to keep communities safe. 

    “We have the Black Bikers in North Minneapolis that have been patrolling the neighborhoods,” Pearce said, “they’re working in conjunction with the National Guard and with the Minneapolis Police Department and that never happens.” 

    Pearce praised the members of the community that are working to keep the area safe but says that this can’t go on forever. 

    “These folks are actually fearless. They are literally putting their lives on the line, to save themselves, save their neighbors, but we’re tired,” Pearce said, “we’re tired of being terrorized in our own communities.” 

    While rebuilding the city begins, Pearce is asking for donations to help with what she is seeing as a huge problem. 

    “We are fundraising, we need everyone to make donations,” Pearce said.


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