As Twins hit rough patch, Cory Hepola says season is going 'full Minnesota sports'

Are you worried about the Twins blowing it?

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June 25, 2019 - 12:09 pm

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The Twins are off to their best ever start in franchise history, hitting 50 wins before July with a record of 50-27—but a recent dip in form has fans, including our own Cory Hepola, feeling a little anxious. 

"This Twin season is going full Minnesota sports on us," Hepola said Tuesday during his 9-noon show. 

The Twins, Hepola said, have done so well that may fans have allowed themselves to dream big."Our minds have already accepted thoughts of division titles, champagne showers, the World Series maybe here at Target Field — it can happen. It will happen. We've dreamed of it," Hepola said. 

But suddenly, it's not so smooth sailing: the Twins have only won three out of their last eight games, while the second place Cleveland Indians have won eight out of their last 10. The Twin's lead, once in double digits, is down to 7.5 games. "It's happening, that lead is slipping," Hepola said. 

Hepola isn't in panic mode yet. Major League Baseball has a 162 game schedule. There are dozens of clichés you can throw around regarding the importance of a game in June, or even July to a certain extent. “It’s a long season, “or “It’s just one-of-162,” the list goes on and on. And as manger Rocco Baldelli recently noted, such ups and downs are par for the course.

"I don't see this as something that's completely unexpected over the course of a long season. I think it's completely acceptable and we'll keep figuring things out and try and make adjustments and, and hopefully regain some of that form," Baldelli said during a post game interview Sunday. 

Hepola agrees with what Baldelli said—but like many Minnesota sports fans so used to disappointment, his mind has a tendency to think about wort case scenarios. 

"We're battling Minnesota sports syndrome where if it can go wrong, it will go wrong," he said.

Cory Hepola will Facebook live his "Top 3" segment everyday at 9:10 a.m. Listen to Tuesday's Top 3 below. The Twins talk begins at 3:10: 


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