Will This Weekend be the End of Joe Mauer’s Career?

Mauer has 10 hits in final homestand of the season

The WCCO Morning News with Dave Lee
September 27, 2018 - 10:39 am
Joe Mauer

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As Joe Mauer wraps up his 15th season with the Twins, speculation abounds about the future of the longest tenured member of the club. Mauer is reaching the end of a contract that had him pulling in 23 million dollars a year since 2011 and many believe this will be his final season of baseball. Despite the season long chatter about his status moving forward, Mauer himself has been largely quiet about his future. Thursday morning on WCCO’s Morning News Twins manager Paul Molitor joined Dave Lee and talked about the prospect of Mauer retiring after the season.

“Anybody who’s fortunate enough to play a long time has to kind of come down the wire…thinking about when’s the right time you know personally. How your body is doping, are you still enjoying the competition. I’ve talked to Joe a little about some of those things. I think he understands as well as anybody that to try to make a decision in the middle of the season if you will and still playing and grinding it out is just tough. I think taking some time after the season makes a lot of sense for him. As well as I know Joe I’m still not sure which way he’s going to go with this one. I think he wants to spend some time after the season and figure it out.”

In the Twins' final homestand of the season, Mauer is batting .345 (10-for-29) with nine runs scored and 2 RBI.

The Twins take a five-game winning streak into Sunday's finale after beating the White Sox 8-3 on Saturday night.

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