Getting to the Fair today was half the battle

Thursday attendance numbers could break record

Laura Oakes
August 23, 2018 - 6:39 pm

Traffic jams, full park and ride lots, and delayed buses. It was all part of trying to just get to the State Fair on this busy opening day.

To help with traffic and parking hassles, Metro Transit deployed 50 extra buses to pick up and drop off fairgoers, despite a severe driver shortage. Designated Park and Ride lots were full before noon. 

"They're being patient with us. I'll tell ya. With us being able to put 100 people on each one of our buses if needed, we're getting them there," said Metro Transit spokesman Howie Padilla.

Padilla says they're also working on fixing some drastic delays on the A-Line high-frequency bus service on Snelling Avenue. At times today, the buses, which typically run every ten minutes, were running as much as 45 minutes apart.

"Our A-Line buses are scheduled every ten minutes, and we're working hard to honor that commitment. We also know that the A-Line goes right by the fairgrounds, and there's actually a lot of people using the A-Line to get to the Fair. With that congestion comes a little patience and pre-planning," said Padilla.

State Fair officials will release attendance figures for the Fair's first day around noon Friday.