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How much does it really cost to take a family to the Vikings game?

Prices at US Bank Stadium

WCCO Radio Newsroom
September 09, 2019 - 10:27 am

The streets of Minneapolis were painted purple and yellow on Sunday morning. Finally, football fans were allowed to come out of hibernation and celebrate opening weekend in the NFL.

As with any event, there are costs involved.

The majority of fans don’t have comped company seats, or access to the suite level. Most – usually the ones dressed in full garb and face paint – invest their hard earned money into this three-hour party, praying and cheering the team to a victory.

News Talk 830 WCCO's Craig “Hammer” Schroepfer took a tour around US Bank Stadium investigating what it would cost to take a family of four to the game.

First, he had to pay $20 to park. This wasn’t front-row or valet parking either, this was the minimum to park your car downtown on Sunday. Spaces closer to the stadium were spotted as high as $50. 

For the sake of this report, we’ll take the lowest cost to park for our running total: $20

Professional advice: Take Metro Transit.

Concession stands

It’s nearly impossible to go to a sporting event and not want to chow down at the concession stands. Especially if you have kids with you who are enticed by the cotton candy, ice cream and other delicious goodies.

On the modest end, a Schweigert Hot Dog is $5.75 and a Johnsonville Brat is $8. At the same stand you can order a cheeseburger or chicken tenders with fries for $9.25. Other food items available are peanuts ($6), candy ($5), french fries ($5.50) and popcorn ($5).

Wash it all down with a regular sized soft drink for $5.50 or splurge on the souvenir cup for $9. A bottle of Aquafina water is $5 and other drinks such as Life Water, Iced Tea and Gatorade are available and range from $5.50 to $7.

For the adults, a domestic draft beer ranges from $9.75 to $11.25 depending on the size. The souvenir cup also holds beer for $14.

Remember those food items listed are just the basics. Part of the experience of going to a stadium is trying out some of the incredible food they have to offer. Here’s a look at some of the specialty items.

Single burger with tater tots: $15

A loaded double-cheeseburger: $21

Chicken Nachos: $14.50

Pulled Pork Sandwich: $14.50

Brisket Sandwich: 14.50

Walking Taco: $14

Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich: $12.50

Artisan Pretzel: $8 (cheese is an extra $2)

Half Cheese Pizza Pie from Heggies: $9 (Sausage and Pepperoni is $10)

Waffle Cone of Ice Cream: $11.50

Cup of Ice Cream: $6:50

Tater Tots: $5.50

Running total: 4 hot dogs, 2 waters, 1 regular beer and 1 soda: $48.25

Fan gear

Want to stick out like a sore thumb? Don’t wear Vikings gear to the stadium on game-day. Now, there are alternatives to shopping at the pro-shop. Walk around downtown you’ll see plenty of stands selling shirts (some licensed, some not). You can also get a jersey online or at another retailer year round.

Minnesota is also home to numerous t-shirt companies that specialize in creative Vikings designs.

But if you’re at the stadium, and need to improve your fan wardrobe, break out the big credit card.

Men’s Nike Stefon Diggs Jersey: $115

Replica jersey (no player) from Fanatics: $65

Majestic Men’s Hoodie: $74

Majestic Men’s quarter-zip: $79

Zubaz pants (because who doesn’t need these): $45

Newborn Vikings onesie (adorable): $35

Youth SKOL t-shirt: $30

Toddler size Viktor the Viking t-shirt: $20

Replica Viking hat with horns: $15

Foam Finger: $10

Running total: We understand that fan gear isn’t required, but say one kid spills their $5.50 soda on their shirt and needs a new one, and your other kid wants a foam finger. That trip to the team shop is going to conservatively run you at least $30.

Are we forgetting anything?


Between parking and food and team gear, we haven’t even discussed access to the stadium yet.

Opening weekend (and when the Green Bay Packers come to town) is always going to be inflated due to high demand. So, for the other six home games we took the lowest resale market price per game and averaged them.

This is the price of one ticket – on average – just to get in the door against Oakland, Philadelphia, Washington, Denver, Detroit or Chicago.


Family of 4: $379.32 (before website fees, of course)


Four tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 drinks and parking for a Sunday at the stadium will run you a grand total of $447.57.

Add in ticket fees and you’ll be close to $500.

Throw in some fan gear and higher end food and drinks at the game and you’re looking at nearly $600 for a family of four to attend a Vikings game in 2019.

The NFL RedZone package is looking better and better isn’t it?

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