Beers with Blois Episode #6: Rep Melissa Hortman

Beers with Blois
Tuesday, June 18th
Speaker Melissa Hortman sits down with Blois with a Lift Bridge Root Beer. A few highlights:

On the 100 percent clean energy standard:

“We know that the more to 100 percent clean energy standard.  Planet Earth is literally on fire.  We know from past experience here in Minnesota the more we transition the more jobs we create.   I would like to see us persuade the Republican Senate to get those things done in 2020.”

On exercise and “Disco Walking”:

“I really only like 2 forms of exercise cross country skiing and door knocking.  And we don’t do as much door knocking in non-election years.  I’m trying to fill this space with a phenomenon I call “Disco Walking” where I listen to great 70’s music and walk really fast. 

On guns and the 2020 election:

“Where do we have consensus across the entire state.  The measures that we are pursuing are those that are broadly supported across geographic areas.  This year we are laser-focused on two that have passed in Republican-led states.  Even NRA members support criminal background checks.  Red flag laws, when someone articulated a desire to do harm to another person or to themselves.  Now, it would require a law enforcement to get a red flag order.”