Beers with Blois episode #7: Rep Tom Emmer

Beers with Blois
Tuesday, June 18th
Rep. Tom Emmer sits down with host Blois Olson and talks about his hobby of brewing beer and his beer tracking app, Rep. Ilhan Omar’s relationship with the Minnesota delegation and on Congress failure of doing its job since the 1990’s because of a lack of leadership.  He also had a few things to say about  hockey parents and what people are think about Trump in his district. 

On the 2020 election and running the NRCC: 

“History told use we were going to lose 32 as it turned out we lost 40.  We lost forty by a total of 106,000 votes.  That’s a little less than 6,000 per seat that we have to get back.”

On the rise of socialism in the Democratic party: 

"There is a new breed of Democrat that has entered the Democratic party.  This is not my grandfather’s Democratic party.   The new group that has come in, they are not believers in a constitutional republic.  They are believers in a European socialism and beyond.  These new Democrats, who are not really Democrats they are socialists and beyond.  They are not coming after Republicans right now, they are going to clean out and remake the Democratic party as we know it.  Once they accomplish that they’ll come after the rest of us.”

On his relationship with Democrats and Rep. Ilhan Omar: 

“It’s odd.  I had a great working relationship with Rick Nolan, and Erik Paulsen was there and very respected and Tim Walz same thing.  You still have Collin you still have Amy.  I went from being the new guy to being the most senior guy on the Republican side.  Pete Stauber has been a superstar, Angie Craig is being very smart the way she is handling herself.  Dean Phillips is a class-act.  I would suggest at times although I have gotten along with her, that there hasn’t been a solid relationship with the new Representative from Minneapolis with the delegation.”