Real Leaders with Roshini: Film Critic Paul McGuire Grimes covers drama on the big screen but lived his own dramatic journey with the help of Weight Watchers

Real Leaders with Roshini
Thursday, February 20th
Explaining that he grew up as a "fat kid," Paul McGuire Grimes says a big awakening after a beer and pizza binge in 2011 made him want to take control. Eighty-two pounds of weight loss in eleven months with the help of Weight Watchers, inspired him to become a wellness coach for the weight loss giant in 2015. You can see and hear his movie reviews on KSTP-TV and FM 107 FM or catch his detailed analysis on Paul's Trip to the Movies on YouTube. When he's on the red carpet interviewing icons like Jane Fonda and Whoopi Goldberg or sharing his reviews of the latest movies, he knows it's a daily choice to live healthy.