Real Leaders with Roshini: Mahmee CEO Melissa Hanna works to revolutionize communication during the birth to first birthday experience much like the 9-11 Tragedy changed the way cities communicate

Real Leaders with Roshini
Thursday, February 27th
Would you believe that of the world's developed nations, the United States has the fastest death rates for moms in childbirth? Melissa Hanna co-founded Mahmee with her own mother, who's a nurse, because the healthcare system was letting moms and babies down. The Mahmee healthcare app provides personalized, ongoing postpartum care to new moms and infants. So far, Mahmee has more than 1000 providers in Los Angeles and is working on scaling nationally. Anyone can access Mahmee online. Melissa says Finland, Norway, and Denmark lead the world in how their models of care prevent many of the gaps the US and other countries face. Those "gaps in care are rooted in gaps in data," she says. Find out what she said when Roshini asked her if moms get shafted by US laws. Melissa remains committed to helping more parts of the system see the big picture so the crisis of maternal and infant mortality disappears.