Real Leaders with Roshini Season 2, Episode 1: Iron Chef winner Justin Sutherland thrives under pressure, gives homage to the pig, and thanks his grandmothers for their culinary examples

Real Leaders with Roshini
Tuesday, March 10th
Justin Sutherland never planned to go into cooking professionally. His childhood was filled with watching his Japanese and Mississippi native grandmothers cook and garden so food was always a big part of his life. He credits Chef David Fhima and Meritage owner Russell Klein for many lessons through hard work and his Iron Chef  TV experience as giving him a wonderful springboard for national exposure. Chef Sutherland calls cooking an action and doesn't buy it when someone says they can't cook. For now, he welcomes you into his restaurants, which he calls judgment-free zones. His legacy will be one of taking chances and owning his own path.