Real Leaders with Roshini Season 2, Episode 2: Pilar Gerasimo wants you to become a Healthy Deviant

Real Leaders with Roshini
Tuesday, March 17th
The term deviant often brings negative connotations. But health journalist and co-host of The Living Experiment podcast, Pilar Gerasimo, wants you to try the deviant lifestyle to fully handle modern life. Whether dealing with a pandemic or everyday challenges, she reminds people that "A high-vitality, high-energy, high-resiliency person always stands a better chance of getting through periods of high stress." Her past life as founding editor of Experience Life Magazine and now author of The Healthy Deviant, all make her especially committed to the adage, "If you're not breaking the rules, you're probably breaking yourself." She shares the Morning Minutes Ritual that can help you take control of your autonomy each morning and urges you to adopt a lifestyle that observes your own ultradian rhythms. Why is she so passionate? Her research found that 50 percent of US adults are living with chronic illness and only 3 percent of America is healthy, happy, and on track to stay that way.