Real Leaders with Roshini Season 2, Episode 3: Former state legislator Laura Brod Hameed likes to pack a punch and says her current work on ultra-rare diseases showcases "humanity at its best"

Real Leaders with Roshini
Tuesday, March 24th
No stranger to big challenges, Laura Brod Hameed has flexed her muscles as University of Minnesota Regent, a state legislator, and tech startup CEO. As executive director of Columbus Children's Foundation, her advocacy and fundraising strives to make life better for people with ultra-rare diseases, specifically children. 320 million people globally have an ultra-rare disease. Half of which are children; three of ten of those kids will not live to their fifth birthdays. She embraces the task ahead of her and treasures each win along the way. When Laura is able to see a gene therapy treatment fix a child's genetic mutation, she calls it "humanity at its best." This multi-tasker is also a big family person. She and her husband have six children between them. That's why their downtime includes lots of good meals, conversation, and wine.