Real Leaders with Roshini Season 2, Episode 4: Katie Harms is a living spaces specialist by day, but her passion as a health advocate is short-circuiting the tough part of unexpected health odysseys so people can truly live

Real Leaders with Roshini
Thursday, April 2nd
Katie Harms takes her role as health advocate seriously. She didn't ask for the title but landed there through her own health odyssey. After struggling on and off with major headaches, a car accident in 2017 caused a series of events that led to a spinal fluid leak. She tried all sorts of treatment until surgery at Mayo Clinic gave her some relief. Though after-effects will never completely leave her, she finds joy in teaching and advocating, hoping to "short-circuit some of the tough stuff" for others. Her role on the board of the Spinal CSF Leak Foundation has taken her to Washington, DC, to lobby members of Congress for legislation toward relief. Katie says there are 300 different designations for headaches. Those known as migraines are the number two cause of disability in the United States. Always an optimist, her journey has helped her find the positives in life. Katie ponders: perhaps this is the "path I'm supposed to be on so I can find ways to help others with it."