Real Leaders with Roshini Season 2, Episode 5: Advertising guru Mike Caguin mixes art and commerce in a complex world of countless platforms and many channels, always looking for "moments of magic"

Real Leaders with Roshini
Thursday, April 9th
Colle McVoy chief creative officer Mike Caguin thanks his wife of more than two decades for putting up with his sometimes inability to focus. He says "laughter drives the success of their relationship" along with strong communication and acknowledges, "Much like work, I will never master marriage. But I'm in the pursuit of mastery." Credited with leading culture-shifting campaigns, he admits his early days as a manager came with a command and control model. One that he didn't like much nor did his employees. Over time, Mike learned "being among the people" was his strength. He regularly walks the halls and invites people to mini brainstorming sessions. He calls advertising the "intersection of art and commerce." When those "moments of magic happen," he basks in the purpose-driven results he can bring to clients. His favorite part of fatherhood is how he gets to rediscover his inner child when he interacts with his teenagers.