Beers with Blois

Hosted by WCCO Radio’s Blois Olson, Beers with Blois tries a different
approach rather than polarized and partisan.. Instead, Olson hosts
conversations over a refreshing beverage aims to bring out a personal side of
guests for Minnesotans to relate.
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News & Politics


Sen Karin Housley

Thursday, October 31st
In the east metro, Sen. Karin Housley talks about elder care reform, the decision not to run for the U.S. Senate, and hockey over a beer and a local seltzer...

Rep Brad Tabke

Tuesday, October 29th
From Badger Hill Brewing in Shakopee first-term Rep. Brad Tabke discusses politics in a swing district, surprises in his first term, and transportation.

Sen Dick Cohen

Friday, October 25th
From Dual Citizen brewery Sen. Dick Cohen talks about major legislation he's helped pass and current dynamics within the Senate including his challenge from...

Rep. Jeremy Munson

Monday, October 21st
Over beers at Utepils, Rep. Jeremy Munson talks health care, starting a new caucus and his idea for a new bill for elections and open legislative seats.

Rep. Pat Garofalo

Tuesday, October 8th
State Representative Pat Garofalo talks about a bipartisan idea for legalizing marijuana, a new outline for structuring bonding, and of course, sports betting...

Senator Tina Smith

Wednesday, September 4th
From Wild Minds Ales in South Minneapolis, Sen. Tina Smith talks about the culture of the U.S. Senate and who sits with who at lunch, how her marketing...