Chad Hartman

The Chad Hartman Show — A veteran of the radio scene in the Twin Cities,
Chad is known for his work in sports, including as the one time play-by-play
voice of the Minnesota Timberwolves.  But he’s also known for knowledge of
the issues, which makes him one of the best interviewers in the business. 
But make no mistake, Chad likes to have a lot of fun.  And if you don’t
believe it, ask Adam. 
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Rep. Dean Phillips

Thursday, April 9th
Congressman Dean Phillips joined the show to discuss the latest negotiations in Washington over another stimulus/aid bill.

Dr. Werner Stierkaht

Thursday, April 9th
During this pandemic, story after story says we're having more frequent and vivid dreams. So we tapped the foremost dream doctor in the world, Werner Stierkaht...

Sen. Andrew Mathews

Thursday, April 9th
Yesterday the Governor extended the stay at home order. Today State Sen. Andrew Mathew joined Chad to talk about how he wants to see the Governor move to get...

Playing Politics

Wednesday, April 8th
Chad was joined by John Rash and Patricia Lopez from the Star Tribune Editorial board to talk about Sen. Sanders dropping out of the race, and the continued...

Andy Slavitt

Wednesday, April 8th
The former Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services joined Chad to talk about the governments response to the pandemic, and what needs to be...

Jason DeRusha

Wednesday, April 8th
What does Jason think of the "snitching" culture that's sprouted up as some folks choose to ignore the "stay at home" order? That and more on this week's "What...