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The "R" Word

Sunday, December 15th
An NFL football player was cut from his team after using the "R" word on social media. Chad and Sheletta talk about the fallout and what can be done to...

Rep. Dean Phillips

Sunday, December 15th
After promising Sheletta he'll try a signature hot dog at Ben's Chili Bowl, Representative Dean Phillips talks with Chad about the impeachment hearings in...

Johnny Turnipseed

Thursday, December 12th
How does a man go from directing some of the worst gang violence in Minneapolis, to helping hundreds of kids avoid that life? Johnny Turnipseed from Urban...

Alex Avila

Thursday, December 12th
Mike Max was in for Chad Hartman. He was joined by the newest member of the Minnesota Twins, catcher Alex Avila.

Butch Raymond

Thursday, December 12th
Mike Max was in for Chad Hartman and talked to former college coach and NSIC Commissioner Butch Raymond about why a pair of Minnesota universities have shut...

Karin Housley

Wednesday, December 11th
Suppliers of 3.2 beer are quickly dwindling. Is it time to let gas stations and grocery stores sell beer and wine? Sen. Karin Housley thinks so and joined the...