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Pete Najarian

Friday, April 3rd
CNBC's Pete Najarian joins Dave Lee as they react to the opening of the markets & the jobs report.

John Rash

Friday, April 3rd
John Rash joins Dave Lee for The Rash Report One of today's topics, Should we all be wearing masks?

Mike Max 740

Friday, April 3rd
Yesterday should have been the Twins Home Opener. However it was postponed. Mike Max joins Dave Lee & tells him how the players are staying ready, waiting...

Jono Cowgill

Friday, April 3rd
Is COVID-19 gonna close all the beaches this summer in Minneapolis? Dave Lee finds out when he talks with Jono Cowgill, President of the Minneapolis Park Board

Mark Traynor

Friday, April 3rd
The CEO of UCare, Mark Traynor joins Dave Lee to talk about a deal reached to waive out of pocket costs for Covid 19.

Luther Heller

Friday, April 3rd
Schools are turning on their stadium lights at night to give kids, parents and the community hope. Montevideo was one of the first schools to do this in...