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5-4-19 Esme Murphy 8PM

Saturday, May 4th
Dr. Dave Schultz visits with Esme throughout the entire hour to talk politics, Dave's new blog & much more!

5-4-19 Esme Murphy 7PM

Saturday, May 4th
Roshini Rajkumar, host of News & Views and the Real Leaders with Roshini podcast joins Emse at the top of the hour. Later in the hour, Dr. Frank Rhame from...

5-4-19 Esme Murphy 6PM

Saturday, May 4th
WCCO news reporter and new voice of the Minnesota Lynx Sloane Martin chats with Esme to start the show. Later in the hour, defense attorney Marsh Halberg joins...

4-27-19 Esme Murphy 7PM

Sunday, April 28th
Addiction treatment specialist and founder of EVO Health & Wellness visits with Esme Murphy. Dr. Michael Tkach discusses the use of alcohol, reason why...

4-27-19 Esme Murphy 6PM

Sunday, April 28th
Office of Traffic Safety Director Mike Hanson joins Esme. Dr. Elizabeth Farhat. dermatologist, discusses skin caner and skin care with Esme.