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12-30-18 Healthy Matters

Sunday, December 30th
To close out 2018, Dr. David Hilden lets you guide the show. It's another "open line" edition of the show, with answers for your general health questions.

12-23-18 Healthy Matters

Sunday, December 23rd
It's an open lines show today on Healthy Matters where Dr. David Hilden takes your general questions.

12-16-18 Healthy Matters

Sunday, December 16th
This week, the focus is on knee and hip replacement surgeries and their effects. Dr. David Hilden welcomes Dr. George Hanson on the program to answer your...

12-09-18 Healthy Matters

Sunday, December 9th
Dr. David Hilden is in to help you with your general health concerns. It's another "open line" edition of the program.

12-02-18 Healthy Matters

Sunday, December 2nd
This week, Dr. David Hilden welcomes Dr. Helen Kim (director of the Hennepin Healthcare Mother-Baby Program) and medical journalist Syl Jones on the program to...