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Show Highlight: Mike Padden 1-15-19

Tuesday, January 15th
Attorney Mike Padden joined Cory Hepola to talk about the criminal complaint against Jake Patterson in the Jayme Closs case and what he sees coming up in the...

1-15-19 Cory Hepola 11 AM

Tuesday, January 15th
Twins pitcher Stephen Gonsalves joins Cory from the Twins caravan at the top of the hour. We also talk some Timberwolves in advance of their game tonight...

1-15-19 Cory Hepola 10 AM

Tuesday, January 15th
Attorney Mike Padden joins to start the hour with some insight into how the Closs case may move forward. We also talk about the push to allow only hands-free...

1-15-19 Cory Hepola 9 AM

Tuesday, January 15th
Cory starts the show with the latest on the Jayme Closs case and details of the criminal complaint. After that, we talk about President Trump's meal choice for...

1-14-19 Cory Hepola 11 AM

Monday, January 14th
Wisconsin lawmaker are putting up a fight against a proposal that would make 1st-time DUI's a criminal act. Cory has some things to say on that topic before...

1-14-19 Cory Hepola 10 AM

Monday, January 14th
Communication, social media and Gen Z expert David Stillman joins Cory in studio for the first half of the hour to talk about all of those topics as they...