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Broadway Producer Kevin McCollum

Friday, October 18th
Tony-award winning producer Kevin McCollum joins Cory in studio to talk about a new show he has coming to The Ordway before heading off to Broadway. The guys...

Food and Drink with Zach McCormick

Friday, October 18th
Zach McCormick from The Growler joins Cory in studio to talk about a Sam Adams beer that's illegal in 15 states, restaurant reboots, a sneaky way some...

Hockey Talk with Jess Myers

Friday, October 18th
It's been an awful start to the Wild season and Jason Zucker fired up fans last night by including coach Bruce Boudreau in his criticism of the team. Jess...

Professor Renee Buhr on Brexit

Thursday, October 17th
Is Brexit finally going to happen? UST Professor Renee Buhr helps Cory understand what has happened, what's happening now, and what a successful Brexit could...

Dr. Love!

Thursday, October 17th
Are you guilty of bringing your phone to bed? Dr. Love joins Cory to talk about a bunch of topics including how that phone habit can impact your relationship...

Attorney Mike Padden

Wednesday, October 16th
Attorney Mike Padden says former Fort Worth officer Aaron Dean should be charged with manslaughter, not murder. Mike tells Cory that the Mohamed Noor verdict...