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Cancelling Student Debt

Tuesday, June 25th
The push is on from Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar to make a college education free for everyone and wipe out student debt. Cory challenges that idea and we...

9AM: Top 3, Student Debt, Sheletta

Tuesday, June 25th
Today's Top 3 leads into a deeper conversation about the push to wipe out student dept. Later, Sheletta joins with her take on that and much more for Two Haute...

Two Haute Mamas Tuesday with Sheletta

Tuesday, June 25th
Sheletta Brundidge joins Cory from her secret mission to share he views on cancelling student debt, 10 years since Michael Jackson's death and much more!

Townball - Uniquely Minnesota

Tuesday, June 25th
Cory talks about Minnesotan's love of Townball with executive producers of the series currently running on FSN, Eric Gislason and Mike Griak.