Hey Lets Build It

Hey, Let's Build It

Cory Hepola has a problem. He’s a husband, father, and overall confident
Millennial who knows absolutely nothing about being a homeowner. So, when
something (naturally) goes terribly wrong, he asks the only guy he trusts to
help him find a solution - Andy Lindus of Lindus Construction. “Hey,
Let’s Build It” is a podcast for homeowners who need a helping hand, who
aren’t always quite sure what to do. 
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Hey Lets Build It

E10: Cory Doesn't Get Energy Efficiency

Thursday, August 6th
Cory has a house with a beer fridge in the garage and figures he should try to help the planet and save some money. Andy gives Cory his Top home improvement...
Hey Lets Build It

E9: Cory Doesn't Get ROI

Thursday, July 23rd
Cory has a house and figures he should try to be conscious of what he's doing. Andy gives Cory a heads up on the Top 2 home improvement projects that have the...
Hey Lets Build It

E8: Cory Doesn't Get Reality TV

Thursday, July 9th
Cory has a house and figures he should spice it up, but why isn't the process the same as it is on those Reality TV shows? Andy tells Cory how those shows...
Hey Lets Build It

E7: Cory Doesn't Get Tools

Thursday, June 18th
Cory has a house and figures he should probably get some tools to fix it up once in awhile. But, what tools does he need? And, how does he use them properly?...
Hey Lets Build It

E6: Cory Doesn't Get The Outside

Thursday, June 4th
Cory has a house and figures he should probably think about adding a deck. But, how large? What about stairs? And, how much does a deck cost? Andy answers Cory...
Hey Lets Build It

E5: Cory Doesn't Get Technology

Thursday, May 21st
Cory has a house and figures he should probably take care of his mold problem. Andy diagnoses the issue and pushes Cory to dream about what his house could be...