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Rep. Carlos Mariani

Monday, June 8th
Representative Carlos Mariani represents District 65B and is the chair of the Public Safety Committee in the Minnesota house. He joins Jearlyn to discuss...

Jason Clopton, The Teen Whisperer

Sunday, June 7th
The tragedy of George Floyd's death is difficult for children to comprehend. Minneapolis counselor Jason Clopton, who hosts the popular Teen Whisperer Podcast...

Marsha Pitts-Phillips

Sunday, June 7th
Minnesota public relations expert Marsha Pitts-Phillips talks about what it means when corporations and large organizations support the Black Lives Matter...

Reggie Clark

Sunday, June 7th
Reggie Clark, a human resources expert with 20+ years of experience in his field, joins Jearlyn to talk about the difference between diversity and inclusion...

Brittany Smith

Saturday, June 6th
Brittnay Smith is a pre-kindergarten teacher who teaches in the Atlantic City School District in New Jersey. Brittany tweeted out a list of recommended reading...

Alex Del Carmen

Thursday, June 4th
Alex Del Carmen is Associate Dean and Professor at Tarleton State University. School of Criminology, Criminal Justice & Strategic Studies, College of...