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WCCO's Off The Menu with Dara Moskowitz Grumdahl
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1-11-20 - Off the Menu

Saturday, January 11th
It's a Surf & Turf edition of the show. 6Smith and Baldamar owner Randy Stanley comes in studio to take care of the Turf. Josh Nelson of Almanac Fish and...

1-4-20 - Off the Menu

Saturday, January 4th
Dara looks at how we can go green when she speaks with Eureka! Recycling co-president Lynn Hoffman. Then, our host invites chef Jamie Malone and bartender...

12-28-19 - Off the Menu

Saturday, December 28th
Are you looking for a new, healthier start to 2020? Let Pilar Gerasimo by your guide. Her first book, "The Healthy Deviant", will come out January 7th. She...

12-14-19 - Off the Menu

Saturday, December 14th
It's a carb-loaded edition of the program. Steve Horton of Baker's Field Bread & Flour stops by to discuss his process to making and baking bread in the...

12-07-19 - Off the Menu

Saturday, December 7th
It's a well-known fact that Wisconsin is one of the beer capitals of the world. But how did the state get to that perch? Doug Hoverson, author of the new book...

11-30-19 - Off the Menu

Saturday, November 30th
Still stuffed from the Thanksgiving leftovers? How about some liquid refreshment to quench that thirst? It's a "Coffee & Tea" show during this holiday...