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12-10-18 Paul and Jordana 5 PM

Monday, December 10th
Paul and Jordana talk about Presidsent Trump defending his payment to women as private transactions. They speak with a campaign finance attorney about the...

12-10-18 Paul and Jordana 4 PM

Monday, December 10th
Experts says that working any hours after a 55 hour work week you're not effective. Paul and Jordana ask you about your long hour work weeks. Then, Paul and...

12-7-18 Paul and Jordana 4 PM

Friday, December 7th
The Blenders join Paul Dougas to talk about their upcoming hoiday concert. Then, Paul asks you what should be done with the $1.5 billion state surplus.

12-7-18 Paul and Jordana 3 PM

Friday, December 7th
Kevin Hart has stepperd down from histing the Academy Awards. Timm Lammers has a holiday movies preview and Sam Brody of MinnPost talks about a filing that...