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10-18-18 Paul and Jordana 5PM

Thursday, October 18th
Paul and Jordana were joined by State Rep. Sarah Anderson who describe being assaulted by a man she confronted for damaging lawn signs. When it comes to...

10-18-18 Paul and Jordana 4PM

Thursday, October 18th
Paul and Jordana talked to Megan Mrozek from the Red Cross about raising money to help victims of Hurricane Michael. Then they read serious and silly stories...

10-18-18 Paul and Jordana 3PM

Thursday, October 18th
Paul and Jordana talked with listeners about Keith Ellison's comments with Chad Hartman following the unsealing of his divorce records. Has anybody changed...

10-17-18 Paul and Jordana 5PM

Wednesday, October 17th
In Canada, recreational marijuana is now legal. Should the US follow suit? Paul and Jordana gave their take and engaged listeners

10-17-18 Paul and Jordana 3PM

Wednesday, October 17th
Paul and Jordana talked about the latest developments in the death of a journalist in Turkey. Then they welcomed attorney Theodore Boutrous, Jr. in-studio to...