Paul & Jordana Show

Paul & Jordana — One of Minnesota’s most famous weather personalities,
paired with Jersey girl who calls it like it is, Paul Douglas and Jordana
Green take the strong friendship they have off the air, and make a radio show
of it daily.  From stories of weather to stories of the weird, and from
parenting to politics, Paul and Jordana make the perfect drive home combo,
keeping you informed and entertained.
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4-6-20 Paul and Jordana 3pm hour

Monday, April 6th
Should 3M be forced to sell their masks in the US first? Later, we hear about a group at the U of M who are making makeshift ventilators.

4-2 Dr. Gusky

Sunday, April 5th
ER Doctor, National Geographic Photographer & Explorer Dr. Jeff Gusky offers some hope in the middle of a pandemic.

Paul with Ross Berstein

Sunday, April 5th
Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur Ross Bernstein joins Paul to talk about the coronavirus. What lessons can be learned in this unprecedented time and is it time...