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Real Estate Radio Hour

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Real Estate Hour

12-21-19 - Real Estate Radio Hour

Thursday, January 9th
It's the final show of the year, and the final time we'll be with our friends Chris and Andy on the Real Estate Radio Hour. Denny Long joins them for their...
Real Estate Hour

12-14-19 - Real Estate Radio Hour

Saturday, December 14th
Whether selling or buying a home, what should you pay attention to regarding items with a warranty? Jennifer Gagne of Cinch Home Services joins Chris &...
Real Estate Hour

12-07-19 - Real Estate Radio Hour

Saturday, December 7th
When looking at buying a home, are you aware of the different types of loans that are available to use? Travis Whitford from Bay Equity Home Loans joins Chris...
Real Estate Hour

11-30-19 - Real Estate Radio Hour

Saturday, November 30th
When you get ready to sell your home, there's no question to take care of the big stuff (painting, siding, cleaning, etc.). But what about the "smaller" items...