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Nope, I won't shake his hand.

Thursday, February 20th
The Miracle On Ice team gets an opportunity to meet with the Presidetn tomorrow. If you had that kind of opportunity would you, or would let politics get in...


Thursday, February 20th
CNBC host and market analyst Pete Najarian talks to Mike Max about the XFL.

Football clinic this weekend

Thursday, February 20th
Head football coach at Cooper High school, Willie Howard talks to Mike Max about a football camp he has put together for this weekend at Vikings headquarters.

It's a hockey festival!

Wednesday, February 19th
Danny Hendrickson of the Hendrickson Foundation tells Mike Max about a hockey festival that takes place this weekend at the National Sports Center in Blaine.

Hockey is a money sport

Wednesday, February 19th
Mike Max breaks down the facts that hockey is a money sport and there is just no way around that. Now matter how much money you throw at programs in the inner...