Two Haute Mamas

Two Haute Mommas and is a peek into the lives, experiences and views of two
fun, engaging and opinionated friends discussing motherhood, marriage and
societal mayhem. We won’t always agree, so the conversations are guaranteed
to be lively and will include a variety of guests who will bring additional
perspectives to our podcast.
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Something was in the air at The Fair

Friday, September 6th
Sheletta explained to Lindy that there was definitely something in the air on the last day of the Minnesota State Fair: it was WEED! The small was so strong...

"She did that because she's the baby..."

Friday, September 6th
Lindy is outraged that a woman wore a T-Rex costume to to her sister's wedding. The bride told all her attendants that they would wear whatever they wanted, so...

The real scoop on the C.J. story...

Friday, September 6th
Sheletta thought Lindy would be "in her feelings" about being excluded from the big Two Haute Mamas exclusive interview with C.J., but far from it. Ms. Vincent...

Y'all check on your brothers...

Friday, September 6th
Something must be in the water because some of our favorite black actors and celebrities are acting really crazy this week. Y'all check on your brothers! First...

EXCLUSIVE: C.J. has left the building

Tuesday, September 3rd
The QUEEN of Twin Cities gossip hangs up her crown, sort of. Long time Star Tribune columnist C.J. calls it quits, but that doesn't mean she won't be around...