Two Haute Mamas

Two Haute Mommas and is a peek into the lives, experiences and views of two
fun, engaging and opinionated friends discussing motherhood, marriage and
societal mayhem. We won’t always agree, so the conversations are guaranteed
to be lively and will include a variety of guests who will bring additional
perspectives to our podcast.
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Society & Culture


Degreed up, but 'knuck if you buck'

Sunday, November 10th
Sheletta is feeling a little feisty at work and decides to wear her "Degreed up but Nuck if you Buck" t-shirt. Lindy is a little worried that it might get her...

Erin's journey is inspiring...

Friday, October 25th
Disability advocate Erin Thomson tells Sheletta & Lindy the inspiring story of how she went from a spinal chord injury that left her paralyzed 10-years ago...