Two Haute Mamas

The Two Haute Mamas podcast is a peek into the lives, experiences and perspectives of Sheletta Brundidge and Lindy Vincent, two fabulously fun, engaging and opinionated friends. Listeners can count on them to get real and down to earth when discussing issues like motherhood, marriage and societal mayhem, with a little celebrity gossip sprinkled in to keep it interesting.
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Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 26

Friday, January 18th
According to a new Washington Post article, companies now see the value in hiring people who have special needs children to care for. Later in the show,...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 25

Monday, January 14th
When Jayme Closs was found alive, word quickly got to Patty Wetterling, who was in Washington DC for a meeting at The National Center for Missing and Exploited...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 24

Monday, January 14th
Sheletta and Lindy thank the community for supporting their efforts to recruit black women to join the St. Paul Police Department. Later in the show, the...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 23

Wednesday, January 9th
This whole Surviving R Kelly docseries on Livetime TV has both Sheletta & Lindy SHOOK. The ladies try to figure out who is at fault: the singer, the...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 22

Sunday, January 6th
Sheletta and Lindy work wtih the St. Paul Police Department on a new recruitment effort after they read a Star Tribune article by Chao Xiong and learn there...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 21

Sunday, January 6th
A suspect is in custody for the murder of a seven year old girl in Houston, Sheletta's hometown. She calls up her friend, award winning reporter Jessica Willey...