Two Haute Mamas

Two Haute Mommas and is a peek into the lives, experiences and views of two
fun, engaging and opinionated friends discussing motherhood, marriage and
societal mayhem. We won’t always agree, so the conversations are guaranteed
to be lively and will include a variety of guests who will bring additional
perspectives to our podcast.
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Society & Culture


Where's the cake?

Friday, December 6th
Y'all remember that old Wendy's commercial "Where's the beef?" Well, Lindy's family woke up the day after Thanksgiving wondering "Where's the cake?". The...

The new haute mama: Lindy's mom "GiGi"

Tuesday, November 26th
Lindy's mom Gigi joins the show as the ladies all say what they are most grateful for this Thanksgiving season. Sheletta recalls the heart wrenching story of...

Two Haute Mamas Take Over Nascar

Tuesday, November 26th
How did Lindy and her husband "Big Dawg" wind up in the winner's circle at the NASCAR Cup Series Championship? The globe trotting haute mama explains that...