Two Haute Mommas

Two Haute Mommas and is a peek into the lives, experiences and views of two
fun, engaging and opinionated friends discussing motherhood, marriage and
societal mayhem. We won’t always agree, so the conversations are guaranteed
to be lively and will include a variety of guests who will bring additional
perspectives to our podcast.

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Society & Culture


Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 57

Friday, May 17th
Where are we really from? Lindy says her family is from Cleveland but her roots go far deeper than Ohio. She wanted to know more about her family's history so...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 56

Friday, May 17th
A frightening story out of Los Angeles of a woman trying to abduct a little four year old boy hit too close to home for Sheletta. Earlier this week, she...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 55

Friday, May 3rd
The world was rocked by the sad and sudden death of prolific film maker and story teller John Singleton caused by uncontrolled hypertension. Sheletta and Lindy...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 54

Friday, May 3rd
Sheletta and Lindy are still on cloud nine after attending Dr. Verna Price's annual Girls In Action fundraiser. The Michelle Obama banner that Sheletta had on...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 53

Friday, May 3rd
Sheletta and Lindy give their opinions on the guilty verdicts in the murder trial of former police officer Mohamed Noor. The ladies also discuss the record $20...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 52

Saturday, April 27th
Sheletta & Lindy are super excited to have veteran sportscaster Lea B. Olsen join the show. She talks all about her BRAND NEW podcast coming in May to WCCO...