Two Haute Mommas

Two Haute Mommas and is a peek into the lives, experiences and views of two
fun, engaging and opinionated friends discussing motherhood, marriage and
societal mayhem. We won’t always agree, so the conversations are guaranteed
to be lively and will include a variety of guests who will bring additional
perspectives to our podcast.

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Society & Culture


Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 51

Saturday, April 27th
There is drama brewing across the pond between Prince William and Prince Harry. Is Megan to blame? Will the flashy new rock star Royal couple be banished to...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 50

Saturday, April 27th
On the 50th episode of the Two Haute Mamas podcast, Sheletta & Lindy chat with their homeboy Mitch from the Minnesota Twins to talk about their big Prince...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 49

Saturday, April 27th
A new live stage play of 1970s hit television shows All In the Family and The Jeffersons will air soon. Sheletta & Lindy don't like Woody Harrelson as...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 48

Sunday, April 21st
With the third anniversary of Prince's death,Sheletta and Lindy take a look back on his life and the legacy he left behind with his music. City Pages editors...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 47

Sunday, April 21st
Sheletta & Lindy demanded to know why their Two Haute Mamas podcast was left off the list when the 2019 City Pages Best Of The Twin Cities were announced...

Two Haute Mamas Podcast Episode 46

Sunday, April 21st
Sheletta did something she hasn't done in 20 years: GO TO THE CLUB. But it wasn't as much fun as she remembers having back in '90s. She tells the hilarious...