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1-9-19 Gene Deatrick

Wednesday, January 9th
Tonight's World of Aviation: Col Gene Deatrick, who flew 402 missions in A-1 Skyraiders during the Vietnam War.

1-2-19 Roger Moberg

Thursday, January 3rd
Tonight's guest is Roger Moberg, a former fighter pilot who later became a Northwest Airlines pilot.

12-19-18 WOA Thomas Horne

Wednesday, December 19th
Al Malmberg is joined by Thomas Horne. They talk about a new book on the history of avaiation entitled Freedom To Fly, published by the Aircraft Owners and...

12-13-18 WOA Heather Penney

Friday, December 14th
Air Force Maj. Heather Penney was in a precarious situation on September 11th, 2001. She was one of two fighter pilots that were sent on a suicide mission to...

12-5-18 WOA Neil Hansen

Wednesday, December 5th
Al Malmberg speaks with Neil Hansen, a pilot who flew with Air America, the most shot at airline in the world!