Youth Sports Intervention with Lea B. Olsen

One of Minnesota's most famous faces on the sidelines both as
a professional sports broadcaster and a parent, Lea B. Olsen finds ways for
parents, coaches, referees and young athletes to "rethink the win" when it
comes to their youth sports experiences.
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Episode 3: Just PLAY

Wednesday, September 18th
Putting the "play" back in youth sports, Lea B. Olsen is joined by Stephanie Hu, President of Lifetime Sport at Lifetime. Her passion focuses on taking the...

Episode 2: The Hockey Edition

Wednesday, September 11th
Lea B. Olsen is joined by Glen Andresen on the Youth Sports Intervention podcast. Hockey has basically consumed Andresen's life, including working on the...

Episode 1: The pressure of youth sports

Wednesday, September 4th
Lea B. Olsen chats with Joan Stavely - the mother of a youth athlete who was offered a major scholarship in 9th grade. There's more to being a "really good"...