Cold weather, Thermometer
(Getty Images / Leonid Ikan)
Paul Douglas
February 11, 2020 - 8:43 am
An Arctic front will blast across the area Wednesday afternoon. Expect light snow, brisk winds, and blowing snow. Following that, very cold wind chills are expected. Western Wisconsin should see a little heavier snow then we're getting in Minnesota. Then, into Wednesday evening, the cold air will...
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Philip Rozenski / Getty Images
Lindsey Peterson
February 08, 2020 - 12:38 pm
A Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the Twin Cities Metro area, with a Winter Storm Warning just to the south. The National Weather Service is saying that the storm's track has been shifting slightly to the north, increasing the chances of heavier snow in the metro. Right now, it's looking...
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Snow plow
Getty Images
Mark Freie
January 18, 2020 - 11:26 am
The snow is getting moved in St. Louis County , but only by about one-third of the typical snow plows the county is used to seeing. Saturday marked the fourth day of a strike by nearly 170 workers in St. Louis County's highway maintenance division, which would typically be out plowing snow...
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ID 16518235 © Meryll |
WCCO Radio Newsroom
January 18, 2020 - 7:45 am
Saturday's travel throughout Minnesota was hampered by high winds and icy roads following the storm that moved through the region. The Minnesota State Patrol reports 306 car crashes statewide between 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Saturday. That includes 35 crashes where people were injured. The damage...
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Metro snow map
(Courtesy of the Twin Cities National Weather Service)
Paul Douglas
January 16, 2020 - 11:13 am
What may be one of the 3 biggest snowfalls of the winter season is shaping up for Friday and Saturday. A deep layer of arctic air will ensure all-snow with this system, no changeover to ice or rain. That will mean higher snowfall totals by Saturday afternoon, when snow finally tapers off. Snow...
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